Speaker: Dr. Kris Sachsenmeier – Mon 10/01 @4:30pm in Room 410

Drug Development in the Biopharmaceutical Enterprise

Kris Sachsenmeier- Assoc. Director, Translational Science, IMED Oncology
AstraZeneca -Waltham, Massachusetts

Khris SAn overview of drug development will be presented within the context of a biopharmaceutical enterprise.  A specific cancer target and the agents that target will be used as an example.  The entire process, from target discovery through validation, lead discovery and clinical trials will be outlined.  For benefit of students, key differences between academic and industrial science will be discussed.   Topics will include but not be limited to: “How do you find a cancer drug target?” “How do you find a drug?” “How do you test a new drug in the lab?”  “How do you test a drug in people?” “What are the pros and cons of doing science in an academic or industrial setting?”  “What would prepare me for a job in biopharmaceuticals?”

Kris studied at the University of Wisconsin, Madison for both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Biochemistry, Immunology and Toxicology. Next, he studied tumor viruses during a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh.  Kris then worked in two startup-biotechnology companies: Automated Cell in Pittsburgh and Arius in Toronto.  In both companies, Kris led teams doing anti-cancer antibody discovery. After joining Medimmune, Kris led the first Oncology Research bi-specific antibody project as well as various “Function First” target/lead discovery projects. Recently Kris joined the Translational Sciences team at Astrazeneca.