Officer Roles

Elected Positions


The President is responsible for ensuring that the voice of the Science Club members is heard and to make sure all officers are effectively and comfortably performing their duties. The President is also in charge of administrative work, delegating tasks, and leading meetings. This position requires knowledge of all paperwork needed and requirements for the club to be in good standing. The President should also collaborate with the Vice President, Club Advisor(s), and perhaps even other club leaders to increase the resources of the club and provide social interaction for its members.

Vice President

The Vice President is responsible for assisting the President in administrative work and also helping with projects that may overload the President. This position requires knowledge of all paperwork needed for events. The Vice President collaborates with officers to ensure Science Club goals are met and must be able to step up in the absence of the President. The Vice President must be knowledgeable about Science Club events and is expected to attend events and meetings.


The Secretary is responsible for recording minutes of all general and officer meetings. The minutes are made available to members, other officers, and advisors. The Secretary must also maintain the club’s email account and answer any questions received at This position is the bridge between the Science Club Board and the members and thus holds importance and requires a high degree of organization and oral/written communication skills. The Secretary must also be aware about events, fundraisers, or volunteer opportunities to inform the members.


The Treasurer is in charge of discussing possible fundraising ideas with the President and Vice President. The Treasurer is also expected to collect money from fundraisers and be responsible for the delivery of money to the Bursar’s Office and so must be present at all fundraisers. Officer will also help and assist in helping fill out paperwork for fundraisers which requires working closely with the Events Planner.

Events Planner

The Events Planner must ensure that all paperwork pertaining to upcoming events is filed in a timely manner. This involves coordinating closely with the President, Vice President, Publicist, and Treasurer (if planning a fundraiser). Officer is in charge of securing equipment and food for events, coordinating with speakers, and making sure everything runs smoothly. This requires a high level of organization and oral/written communication skills. The Events Planner must be present at all official events.

Appointed Positions

ICC Representative

The Inter-Club Council (ICC) Representative is responsible for attending ICC meetings and keeping the club updated with current news about potential campus events that the club may participate in. Most importantly, this officer represents the voice of members and officers of the club must address any issues or concerns to the ICC President or Advisor. Officer should also inform the board and members about elections and events pertaining to the campus that may affect the students in any form.

Publicist/Social Media

The Publicist is responsible for advertising the club to recruit potential members. Officer must spread the word about the club and provide all the club advertising. The major responsibility of this position is to make and post flyers for meetings, events, and other activities in a timely fashion. This requires a certain degree of artistic ability and creativity. The Publicist also maintains the club’s social media accounts (i.e., Facebook and Instagram). Officer must work closely with the President, Vice President, and Events Planner.


The Historian photographs and/or collects photographs from every meeting or event the Science Club hosts. Photographs must be organized and archived in the club’s Google Drive. As official photographer for the club, the Historian must have some degree of artistic ability. At the end of each semester, the Historian is required to produce a slideshow of photographs taken throughout the year to be shown at the club’s last meeting.