Last meeting of the semester – Thanksgiving Potluck! Tues 11/20 @4:30pm in Room 439


Join us for the last meeting of the semester! We will be having a Thanksgiving-themed potluck. To help with exams, there will also be some STEM tutors on hand to answer your questions and free scantrons will be given out. If you can’t bring food, you’re still invited. However, if you can bring a savory dish or dessert to share with everyone – we would really appreciate it! Either way, RSVP at the following link:

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Speaker: Dr. Marcelo A. Wood – Thur 10/25 @4:00pm (UCI)

Beyond Your Genes: Biology of Addiction

marceloThe human brain is simply amazing. Understanding how the 86 billion neurons work in our brain is not simple. Those neurons control your body, your actions, and your memories by communicating with one another. In the past decade or so, a new master regulator of neuronal communication has been discovered. Professor Wood will discuss the role of this master regulator in the young brain, how it becomes impaired in the aging brain, and how it is hijacked by drugs of abuse in the addicted brain. He will also discuss how knowledge of this master regulator is leading to the development of new therapeutics for brain disorders.

Marcelo A. Wood, Ph.D.
University of California, Irvine
Chair and Professor
Neurobiology and Behavior

4:00pm at Crystal Cove Auditorium, UCI Student Center

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The event is open to the public and the UCI campus community.
Parking is available for $10 per vehicle at the UCI Student Center Parking Structure.

CABSCon3 Biotech Symposium – Fri 11/09 @9am-5pm (CSUF)

The Center for Applied Biotechnology Studies is holding their 3rd version of the 1-day conference, CABSCon3 on Friday, November 9. Breakfast will be served in the morning, followed by speakers and poster presentations by students during lunch.
It is a great opportunity for students to network and present their work. Registration is free but limited to 100 spots so register soon!

Click here for more information and a link to register!

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