Talk: Body-on-a-Chip – The New Frontier in Drug Discovery – Wed, 02/20/19 @UCI

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Wednesday, February 20, 2019 • 4:00 PM
Crystal Cove Auditorium, UC Irvine Student Center
Reception to follow the lecture at 5:00 PM

Chris Hughes

Featuring Christopher C.W. Hughes, Ph.D.
Chair and Professor
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

About the Lecture
Identifying effective new medicines is time-consuming and expensive. Ideally, drugs are highly specific, having great efficacy and minimal toxicity, however this is rarely the case. Current drug pipelines follow very similar trajectories: simple cell-based assays reveal promising compounds that are then tested in mice, and, if these studies are successful, lead agents progress into first-in-man studies, and finally full-scale clinical trials. Unfortunately, fewer than 1 in 7 drugs entering clinical trials make it to market. Two major problems with this pipeline can be identified: the cell-based assays are too simple, not reproducing the complexity of cells in the body; and mice are not men – mouse metabolism and drug sensitivities are often very different to our own. 

Body-on-a-Chip technology aims to solve these problems. Three-dimensional “mini-organs” can be created in the lab that better model how cells behave in the body, and human cells can be used to capture human-specific responses. Numerous studies have now shown that these systems can perform better in modeling how drugs behave in people than both traditional cell-based assays and mouse testing. Moving from the lab to the clinic, we are now taking tumors from cancer patients and growing them in these platforms. Our long-term goal is to use this technology to identify the optimal combination of drugs to treat each individual patient – truly personalized medicine. Dr. Hughes is a world leader in the field of microphysiological systems (body-on-a-chip) technology and will describe how these revolutionary models are set to change how drugs are discovered, tested and prescribed.
Reservations are requested. 
Refreshments will be served at the reception

following the lecture.

The event is open to the public and the UCI campus community.
Parking is available for $10 per vehicle at the UCI Student Center Parking Structure.

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Talk: Designing New Molecules – Lessons from Nature’s Molecular Machines, Mon 02/18/19 @6pm

headshot photo of Dr. Maduka OgbaOpen to the public, Science on Tap is a series of casual moderated discussions featuring experts who explore the intersection of science and culture. In February, we’ll be joined by Chapman chemistry professor Maduka Ogba, Ph.D.

Monday, February 18, 6pm

Chapman Crafted Beer
123 N. Cypress St.
Old Towne Orange, CA 92866

Nat Sci Seminar: Emerging Trends in the Aerospace Industry, Tues 02/12/19 @4:30pm

Neil Gupta

Project RAISE Seminar Series

Emerging Trends in the Aerospace Industry

4:30 p.m. Fullerton College Room 410
Refreshments will be served
Tuesday, February 12, 2019


Neil Gupta has worked in aerospace and composites for 18 years.  He began his career working on the A160 Hummingbird at Frontier Systems in Irvine.  There he worked with a senior designer to draft and create a 500 hp aero diesel engine from scratch.  He transitioned to composite structures design and analysis when he moved to a small DARPA funded startup.  Following that, he served as the Director of Structures at Karem Aircraft for 6 years leading a team in the development of aircraft structures, for both the Army JHL and JMR programs as well as Karem’s Tilt-rotor Aircraft.

After a short time in the solar industry Neil served as AAAS Science policy fellow for the Defense Department in Washington DC. There he helped develop the departments strategy for basic research investment, this included creating a variety of workshops around emerging areas of basic research and a joint scientist/warfighter conference that sought to build mutual understanding of the goals and needs of warfighters and the scientists who support them. Later Neil worked as the Chief Engineer for the DARPA iFAB program helping create a digitally based manufacturing facility.

Neil first became an entrepreneur Co-Founding Green Dynamics which aimed to improve manufacturing of composite wind turbine blades.  He received two Small Business Innovative Research grants and developed several prototypes.  In parallel he created Kinetic Analytics, his current company which designs, analyzes and manufactures composite structures for a variety of aerospace automotive and emerging market companies.  Kinetic Analytics also pursues its own rotorcraft prototype development projects in house.

Talk: Building Emotionally Intelligent AI: From Sensing to Synthesis @UCI

Building Emotionally Intelligent AI: From Sensing to Synthesis

The Informatics Seminar Series is proud to present Daniel McDuff, Researcher, Microsoft. In this talk, Mr. McDuff will present novel methods for physiological and behavioral measurement via ubiquitous hardware. He will then present state-of-the-art approaches for emotion synthesis that can be used to create rich human-agent or robot interactions. Finally,  examples of new human-computer interfaces that leverage behavioral and physiological signals, including emotion-aware natural language conversation systems, will be shown.


Friday, February 8 at 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Donald Bren Hall, 6011
6210 Donald Bren Hall, Irvine, CA 92697