Officer Profiles

Ally-Hommel-smallPresident: Allison Hommel
Major: Biology

Hi! I’m Allison Hommel, Science Club President 2017-2018. I am a Biology major and I have been attending Fullerton College since Fall 2015. I plan to transfer in Fall 2018. You can always find me at the science tables working on homework or socializing. I love to talk to anyone and everyone. A few of my outside activities and interests including dirt bike riding, wake boarding, and watching hockey. My goal for the club this year is to expand our membership and cater events to our member’s interests.


Vice President: Sarah Wheaton
Major: Marine Biology

Hi my name is Sarah Wheaton. I am a junior here at Fullerton College and working towards a degree in Marine Biology. A lover of the environment and all things nature, I plan on using my degree to help restore the natural world as it once was. I am currently working in a U-ACRE internship that aligns Fullerton College students with professors and doctors from Cal State Fullerton. Right now I am researching the relationship between mealworms and styrofoam/polystyrene reduction. I am hoping this research will in some way help reduce waste and or use of the harmful styrofoam.


Treasurer: Brianna Harper
Major: Animal Science

Hello, my name Brianna Harper and My major is animal-science. I joined science club to find people who have the same passion for science as I do and to have a good group of friends to build with. On my free time I go to the gym or volunteer my time at the Downey pound.

Secretary: Alex Deweese
Major: Computer Science

Hi, I’m Alex Deweese, the Secretary of Science Club and a Computer Science major at Fullerton College. I’m a newer member to Science Club but I have been at Fullerton College for a while and I have found that this club is one of the most enjoyable and active clubs on campus. The officers really provide care in structuring and enhancing your experience here. I hope you enjoy our club as much as I do!


Event Planner: Alma Pineda
Major: Math

My name is Alma Pineda and I am a Math major working towards medical school. I like learning new things and trying to understand why things work. In my free time I like to paint, sing, and find cool cafes to study at. I hope you find a home in Science Club as I have!

Noah-SP18ICC Rep: Noah Cantero
Major: Biology

Hi my name’s Noah Cantero. I’m a biology major. My goal is to transfer to a good 4 year college and then attend medical school! I joined Science Club to help meet people with the same major and become a part of my campus community! When I’m not at school, I’m probably cleaning my fish tanks or binge watching Grey’s Anatomy or Bones!