Officer Profiles


President: Sarah Wheaton
Major: Marine Biology

Hi my name is Sarah Wheaton. I am a junior here at Fullerton College and working towards a degree in Marine Biology. A lover of the environment and all things nature, I plan on using my degree to help restore the natural world as it once was. I am currently working in a U-ACRE internship that aligns Fullerton College students with professors and doctors from Cal State Fullerton. Right now I am researching the relationship between mealworms and styrofoam/polystyrene reduction. I am hoping this research will in some way help reduce waste and or use of the harmful styrofoam.


Vice President: Noah Cantero
Major: Biology

Hi my name’s Noah Cantero. I’m a biology major. My goal is to transfer to a good 4 year college and then attend medical school! I joined Science Club to help meet people with the same major and become a part of my campus community! When I’m not at school, I’m probably cleaning my fish tanks or binge watching Grey’s Anatomy or Bones!

Elizabeth Liu SC Website Photo

Treasurer: Elizabeth Liu
Major: Chemistry

My name is Elizabeth Liu and I’m a Chemistry major at Fullerton College. In my free time I like to go hiking, watch gopro videos, take my dog out for walks, or sometimes just do nothing at all. I hope that you will find friends with the same interests in the Science Club as I have!

Cynthia Ibrahim Picture SC Website

Secretary: Cynthia Ibrahim
Major: Physics

Hi there! I’m Cynthia Ibrahim, your secretary and local stargazer. I’m currently a sophomore here at Fullerton and am majoring in Physics and Astronomy. Long term goal is to get a degree in Astrophysics and make a “ground-breaking discovery” for dark energy as well as to light a spark in others for the universe. I love to draw, write, and have solo dance parties in my free time.

Events Planner: Esai Serna

ICC Rep: