Club Forms

Request for Event or Activity Form

This form must be used to request any upcoming activity or event from The Office of Student Activities. Once the form is approved, the club advisor may request facilities through the Master Calendar.  Allow at least 2 weeks lead time for paperwork to go through approval process.

Fundraising Accounting Form

In addition to the events form (above), this form must be turned in to The Office of Students Activities and be approved before any fundraising event. Provide estimates before the event and actual numbers after the event has taken place.

Field Trip Liability Forms

Each student attending a field trip must fill out both these forms before they can go on the trip. They do not need to be turned into The Office of Student Activities but they must be kept on file for a year.

Distribution of Printed Material Form

This form is due 10 working days prior to desired event/activity date. All flyers, memos, and/or promotional items are to be handed from a table at the Quad designated area or placed in A.S., ICC, Clubs or Faculty mailboxes.

Pro Bono Services Form

This form must be submitted at least 3 weeks before an event or activity, for any performer(s), presenter(s) or vendor(s) who have agreed to provide their service(s) at no cost to the District, College, and club/organization.

Movie-Video Screening Event Form

The Office of Student Activities must approve any movie, video or DVD viewing requests in order to comply with legal mandates.  This form should be used for any club/organization or department on campus who wishes to show film screenings to the campus community.

Social Media Guidelines

These policies and procedures must be followed regarding social media for clubs and organizations.